How does the US Education System for higher education work?


Starting an undergraduate or graduate degree in others countries  is the dream of many students, but the structure of education in countries like the United States is not always known. With that in mind, this article shows how the education system in the USA is , with well-defined rules and steps that must be followed to […]

Instructional Design: understand what it is and how to do it

Instructional Design

Have you ever found yourself planning a training without knowing where to start? This is more common than it seems. Teaching-learning programs require well-thought-out planning to optimize content absorption. It is to make this “architecture” of teaching programs that  instructional design exists. If you’re still not familiar with the topic, keep reading! In this text, we will teach you how […]

Functioning of the American higher Education system

higher Education

The American higher education system presents significant differences in relation to the Others. In a country where the culture of entrance examinations does not exist, the curricula of students in the “high-school” (or high school) tend to be increasingly competitive. American students know that each high-school year is a very important step in the competition […]